Crisis Communications & Crisis Management Training Courses

Crisis Communications & Management Training

Media training becomes critical when an issue arises


Every organisation is vulnerable to a crisis – it’s knowing the right way to deal with a situation that changes the way companies are perceived by their stakeholders and the media.

Talking to the media can be overwhelming on a good news day, so coming face to face with a journalist when a crisis arises can be extremely stressful. Keeping a clear head and delivering key messages to the public while dealing with the media’s demands can be almost impossible.

Crisis communication training is one of our specialities and we have designed a training program that protects and defends a company’s reputation if facing public scrutiny.



Crisis and issues management begins with planning before there is a situation that needs to be handled effectively.

At Media Manoeuvres, our approach is to prepare our trainees to minimise the impact of an issue before it escalates to crisis status. We teach senior staff and executives how to work with the media in such situations so they get the best result and maintain their reputation.



Issue Based Media Training

Managing issues in the media involves high-stakes communication, where one wrong move or nuance can adversely affect an organisation’s reputation or, worse, the bottom line of the business. Conversely, dealing with issues can be a fantastic opportunity to showcase your capabilities.

These sessions focus on specific issues to give spokespeople confidence to handle the media effectively. Participants learn how to anticipate the media angles and questions, and how to use control skills to maintain the organisation’s agenda.


“Exceeded my expectations.”

– Divisional Director, Perioperative and Critical Care, Western Health


Crisis Media Skills

Our highly practical and interactive crisis media training program introduces the participants to proven crisis communication models.

It gives them an understanding of the heightened factors in a risk environment when reporting a crisis, as well as tools and strategies to ensure the best result in protecting the company’s reputation, including a process for systematic media statements to keep the media on side.