About Us


School Manoeuvres is the brainchild of media and communication expert, Sam Elam, and was established in 1998.

It is now Australia’s leading media and communication training and consulting company.

School Manoeuvres is focussed on making sure business, government and industry bodies communicate plainly, simply and effectively to connect.

We specialise in strategic media and stakeholder communication skills training, key messaging and issues and crisis management consulting.

Translation: For a long time now, we have been teaching people how to speak successfully to whoever they believe is important to their business.

Our communication models are a framework to develop messages specifically for media and stakeholders.

Translation: We teach you useful ways of communicating and answering questions.

Our Australia-wide training, coaching and consulting is guided by expert journalists, presentation skills trainers and corporate and government communication specialists. Uniquely, the School Manoeuvres experts are supported by a full administration team.

Translation: Our people are the best and so is what you learn.

Our objective is to help you powerfully protect and enhance your organisation’s reputation.

Translation: You get what you want and need.